11 Hacks To Cut Your Heating Costs This Fall and Winter

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June 19, 2017

11 Hacks To Cut Your Heating Costs This Fall and Winter

Change Furnace Filters

Keep your furnace running at peak efficiency and replace or clean your furnace filter. This can also keep a lot of loose dirt and dust out of the air in your home!

Reverse Your Fans

Its pretty common knowledge that hot air rises, but that’s not where we want it to be during the colder seasons. Most fans come equipped with a reverse switch, so winter is a great time to put that into action!

Fill The Dishwasher

Many individuals heat their homes with hot water during the colder months, and hot water is also used to clean dishes. Cutting down on usage by only cleaning full loads can help lower costs.

Fill The Washing Machine

Similar to cutting back on the amount of times you run your dishwasher, limiting your laundry to full loads can also decrease hot water usage.

Open Shades and Blinds

The greatest heating source of all is also completely free: the sun! Allowing some sunlight into your home on brighter days can noticeably increase room temperatures.

Weatherize Windows

Very often over the lifespan of a window it can be opened to air leaks around the sealing. Caulking or closing off leaks these can help keep drafts and cold air out.

Fireplace Damper

If you have a home with a chimney that is ventilated to the outside, you probably know that sealing your chimney is an absolute must for the winter.

Lower Thermostat

One of the most obvious and effective solutions for cutting down costs is to decrease your thermostat gauge.

Insulate Bare Pipes

Wondering why your shower takes so long heat? A lot of what it boils down to is heat dispersion through your pipes. Insulating them helps them retain more heat as they pump through your home.

Weatherize Windows

We don’t usually have our windows open in the winter. Insulating the seals during the winter helps keep that much more heat from leaking out.

Cut Down On Shower Times

Most of us spend too much time running hot water just to get to the temperature to a reasonable heat, which runs up your water and heating bill. Get in, get clean, get out.