Commercial Services

What is a commercial heating and cooling service company?

We understand that production or product is #1 with most all commercial service repairs. Being available 24/7 is a must. We want our commercial customers to know we are state licensed in HVAC, Refrigeration, and Hydronics, as well all service persons must have EPA certificate for handling refrigerant. All employees have passed their required background checks, as well ABTECH and all employees are enrolled in DOT drug free program. What this means is at any time an employee is selected for a random, they will also be checked for not only the drug use but alcohol as well.

With OSHA being a concern, we want our clients to be aware that ABTECH follows the lock out tag out requirements, NFP Arch Flash requirements, Proper Chemical Handling and Disposal, as well as proper PPE. We encourage a meeting with your safety coordinator to ensure we are following all required safety regulations that are required by your facility.

Budget and energy cost are always on everyone’s minds, as for budget and cost of repairs training is a must. ABTECH employees are required to complete training on any equipment that is unique to your facility, as well as training throughout their employment with ABTECH.

Energy concerns: and improper repair, service or maintained system consumes energy. Our service persons are required to thoroughly inspect and test equipment as well as inform your facility of an issues or concerns.

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