Residential Services

What is a residential heating and cooling service company?

It’s more than just installing a furnace and air conditioner your home. It’s a lifestyle that is centered on customer service and satisfaction. It’s being there for you day and night 24 hours 7 days a week 365 days a year. Most all of us work the normal 8 hour days 5 to 6 days a week and you are not at home when someone from home calls with a problem, like no heat or the air conditioner isn’t working or maybe water is leaking all over the floor, and you can’t leave work. We want you to feel assured and relieved that you can call us at ABTECH to help your family with problems as they arise.

Peace of mind:
When you call ABTECH we will send out an experience service person that has undergone continuing training in his or her field, has passed the background checks that are required by ABTECH to work in your home, and is enrolled in a ongoing random drug testing program.

Dress code:
At ABTECH all of our service personnel are required to wear uniforms so you can identify our employees. Belts are a must to be worn (no plumber crack is allowed)

Are you as a homeowner covered if something was to happen?
We meet and exceed the minimum required by the state of Ohio for liability and comprehensive insurance requirements.
All employees are covered by workman’s comprehensive insurance

We guarantee quality service, workmanship and products, all local or state codes and regulations are followed to insure you and your family are safe and sound

Are you state licensed or certified to do this work:
Yes. Our license number is 28209.
We hold three licensees HVAC, Refrigeration, and Hydronics (hot water and steam boilers)
All employees are required to hold the EPA federal certification for handling refrigerant
ABTECH is DOT certified to install and service gas supply lines to your home
Warranty: All service repairs we make are covered by a one year parts and labor warranty.

ABTECH offers to our clients the best guarantees in the area, if you’re not satisfied were not satisfied, and we put it in writing for you.

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